Runway clear and safe?

28 01 2010

Writing or Reading one’s blog could be very boring, so let me try something interesting….

Fog!!!! – Earlier of the day

Charlie Sierra 3108: ‘Centre, we’re unable to take off. Runway visibility here to less than 50 metres’

My visibility is very poor, I can hardly see where am I heading. I try to clear the fog in front of my view. Did some searches on Mozmill, went through the Tutorial, went through some examples and even throw questions at Gary. On top of that, I went through some of the task my seniors did and I must admit some of their work is really well done. I would like to share the work done by Hendrik, who have built an extension for Mozilla Firefox browser to clear the Password field of a particular specific field and on top of that did a mozmill automated testing on his extension. I’m really impressed by his work. I hope I can be as good as him. I would like to get myself familiar with this framework.

Help is no where? It’s now here! – Lessons

Tower: ‘Charlie Sierra 3108, the fog have been cleared with the aid of Fog Fences

The two hours of tutorial with Gary indeed cleared most of my doubt, cleared my fog, gave me a clear visibility of my runway! Now I know what I want to do after the lesson!

Gary has been a really gr8 (“Great” I know, no short form!) help to me. He guides me to where I want to… I ready to go now….


Now that I’m at the starting grid, I would like to plan what I want to do in the near future, and where I want fly to eventually!
So here’s my very initial draft….

Plans for Near future
  1. Get familiar with the Mozmill Framework
    • Go through some more examples
    • try out ‘Hello World’ tutorial
    • try out one or more of the existing test cases done by someone and compare with them
  2. Visit
    • Identify those manual testing that Mozmill don’t have
  3. Try to program my first unique Mozmill test on a Litmus test
  4. To be updated…
Plans for the future
  1. Contribute to the Open Source society.
  2. More to come!

In order for a plane to be able to clear the runway during take-off, a plane will need to have 70 percent of its take-off speed by the time it reaches the half-way point on the runway…

I hope I can reached my 70% take off speed as soon as possible! Wish me the best! Thanks for reading! Hope you don’t get bored by reading my Blog!





4 responses

30 01 2010
Gary Kwong

Good luck Simon! Hope you will be able to find your way around and work on the project that you like! πŸ™‚

P.S.: That’s a really interesting blog post btw.

31 01 2010

Thanks! Try to be abit more creative with Blog… =)

31 01 2010
Jason "moofang"

Nice metaphor πŸ™‚ Sounds like you’re getting into it, and power to you for having “contribute to open source” in your flight plan!

31 01 2010

Haha! It’s ain’t an easy flight! =)

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