I’m ready to go!

24 01 2010


This is the 2nd week since the start of my semester 2 in NUS and I got myself enrolled into CS3108, Mozilla, together with my NUS buddy Chris. I got interested in this course when I received an email on this course and the idea of working together with developers globally on Mozilla products.

On the 1st week of the course, I’m surprised that only a handful of us applied for this course. Together with my buddy, there’s only 1 more of us into this course. Probably Gary has scared most of them away.

I’ve spent most of the time trying to lookout for things which I need to do as well as things which I want to do. I’m lost. I don’t know what am I suppose to do and what’s should be my expectation. Fortunately, after the last tutorial session we have with Gary, I seem to know which direction I’m interested in.

What really interest me is Mozmill, it is an user-interface test automation tool. You can use it to write tests for your Add-On or for your Mozilla Platform (Gecko) Application. I will be trying out the tutorials at the Mozilla Developer Center and get the feel of it. It would be great with I can use Mozmill on Thunderbird. Meanwhile, I’ve been looking up Bugzilla and found a few cases which I deem it’s appropriate to me, the case numbers are Bug 487041 and Bug 540330. Other than those on Mozmill, the other one is Bug 502515.

That’s all for now! =)





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